Your Key to Oil Patch Lingo
is the only oil and gas dictionary you need.
Petroleum professionals, landowners, and oil & gas investors rely on this handy oil & gas terms reference.
(ISBN 0-9615776-2-2)

Suppose ...
Your brother-in-law (the "investment banker") is telling you something like this:

" ... They were at TD, waiting on cement, when the toolpusher gave me a look at the E-logs . . . The mud engineer says there are several zones ... behind-pipe.

They'll give you a turnkey on the next wildcat location ... no assessments ... 3/16 leases ... a 75% NRI.

It's a standard third-for-a-quarter deal. The operator gets a carry to the casing point. No back-ins. The doodlebugger and the landman have carved-out an option to convert their overrides after payout ... but you get all the intangibles ... and the percentage depletion allowance!

There's a 1/32 interest available.

Well... What do you say? Are you in or out?"

  If you could use some help ...
with any of
these terms

Get this book!

- Your Key to Oil Patch Lingo
by John Orban, III
120 pages, ISBN 0-9615776-2-2.


BookCover: Let's Talk an Oil Deal ISBN 0-9615776-2-2

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