MONEY IN THE GROUND - Insider's Guide to Oil Deals
Edition 4.5 416 pp. by John Orban.
We could tell you that MONEY IN THE GROUND
is this is the best reference on the subject of
oil and gas investment ...but we prefer to leave that
to Experts and Reviewers.

The Reviewers:

“This is new and comprehensive. Gives real-world practical information (not theory).
Provides specific deals with examples.”
Oil & Gas Journal
PennWell Publishing
Tulsa, Oklahoma
“ . . . the book I should have had when I took a job in Phillips legal department ... I read everything I could get my hands on, even went to law school.
Nothing I read was as compreshensive as this book ...”
Sunny Tiedemann
Bartlesville Examiner Enterprise
Bartlesville, Oklahoma

“ . . . designed for the potential investor. Helpful and simplified ... adequate treatment of every relevant aspect from geology to taxation . . .”

Petroleum Economist
London, UK
“ . . . contains some of the clearest and best written explanations of oil and gas investments we have ever seen ... also an excellent glossary of oil and gas terminology, which is difficult if not impossible to find elsewhere.”
David W. Kennedy
Executive Editor
Limited Partnership Investment Review
Springfield, New Jersey
“I have met many independent operators ... who knew less about most of this material than is presented in this book! It is down-to-earth, practrical, informative. Easy reading - and fun!”
Hamilton M. Johnson
Emeritus Professore
Tulane University
Society of Exploration Geophysics
Tulsa, Oklahoma

“ ... by an experienced geologist.  Anyone with an interest in the subject matter will find this to be good background reading.”

Journal of Accountancy

American Institute of CPA’s
New York, NY

“ . . . Presented in an easy-to-understand, down-to-earth style . . .well-illustrated with charts, photographs and examples to help clarify the complexities of oil and gas investments.”
Daily Oil News Service
The Independent Oil & Gas Service
Wichita, Kansas
“ ... provides a general overview of the petroleum industry and describes investment methods and taxation policies in oil/gas . . .”
Platt's Oilgram
News McGraw Hill
New York, NY
“ ... starts with finding and producing oil and gas, covers such vital topics as taxes and securities affecting oil and gas deals.”
Tulsa World
Tulsa, Oklahoma

“Don’t lay a nickel down on the table until you’ve read this book!”

Doug Bentin

Oklahoma Gazette
Oklahoma City, OK

“If you're an investor thinking about gas and oil . . . you must get MONEY IN THE GROUND  . . . as expert and as comprehensive a book on the subject as you will ever find."    

Alan Caruba

Essex Journal
Orange, New Jersey

“ . . . starts with finding and producing oil and gas, covers such vital topics as taxes and securities affecting oil and gas deals.”

Tulsa World
Tulsa, Oklahoma

“walks readers through the maze of the oil and gas industry . . . has enlarged, readable print; written in clear language with cutaway illustrations, tables and historic photographs.”

Robin Robinson

Oilpatch  -  The Journal Record
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

The Experts:

“I was looking for just this sort of book ... both up to date and written in a style which a 'non-oily' can understand ... we have one at the office as well as the one I have at home.” 

Gene A. Castleberry

Partner, Castleberry & Kivel - Attorneys at Law
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

“Excellent value for money.   An excellent informative book.” 

John L. Piesek

Vice President, Stockmens Bank and Trust Co
Gillette, Wyoming.

“For anyone suddendly faced with making decisions about the oil and gas business, it is by far the best book ... that I have found. I would recommend it especially for anyone associated with a small oil company or with direct oil and gas investments.” 

Thomas R.M.

(inherited management of father-in-law's oil company)
Dallas, Texas.

“Through an inheritance recently, me and several family members have acquired quite a number of oil properties. Your book MONEY IN THE GROUND is just what the doctor ordered.” 

Jerry B.

Dayton, Ohio.

“Very informative and easy to understand. Someone liked my book  so much they failed to return it to me. Please send me a new book and I will be happy to pay for it.”

C. H. Marceau

Vice President - Sales, XXCAL Inc.
Laguna Niguel, California 

“I'm half-way done reading your book MONEY IN THE GROUND and I wanted to say 'Thanks!!' for writing such an excellent easy-to-understand book on this complex subject.” 

Jay B.

Boulder, Colorado.

“... we rate your book as excellent ... and would recommend it to  others. We made it required reading for employees of  our company,  which specializes  in  oil  and  gas  income  and  tax accounting.”
William R. McHugh

President, Royalty Information Systems, Inc.
Covington, Louisiana

“Well  written and very informative ... does not assume a level  of  knowledge  that the reader may not  have.  Should  be required  reading for every businessman in Oklahoma not  directly involved in the energy industry.” 

Richard D. Clements

Director Energy Division
Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce

“...good examples ... great glossary. A must for all people in any way associated with the oil business.”
Douglas J. Cristina

Geologist, Equitable Petroleum
New Orleans, Louisiana


P. H. Pan

Geophysical Manager
Mobil Exploration & Producing Services, Inc

“A publication that I recommend for every newcomer in the oil  and gas business.”
F. H. Rogers

Owner, AAA Oil Co
San Antonio, Texas

“I  read  your MONEY IN THE GROUND which is now the book I  would heartily recommend to anyone interested in learning about oil and gas investment.”

Robert A. Stanger
Shrewsbury, New Jersey

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